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Personalised Gifts Ceramic Money Boxes / Piggy Banks

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

We have added a new selection of our popular selling Ceramic Money Boxes / Piggy Banks.

These great items can be purchased as is with our predesigned images and words, or you could start from fresh and create your own unique gift idea using your own photographs or and words.

These prove to be a great way to get the kids saving for something they want, or adults saving up for that special holiday or household item they need. We have also added a range for the pet lovers and also the fox lovers amongst you.

These ceramic money boxes would also prove great for the Hairdressers / Barbers / Nail Techs / Beauty Techs etc as they could have your own logo on them and could be used as tip boxes in your salons. More than one tech. You could have individual names on the pots. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us contact us button bottom right of each page.

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