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It's a gift. E-Gift Cards: Let your family and friends choose their own personalised gift

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Not sure what to buy for that special family member or someone in your circle of friends? Stress no more!

We have now added to our personalised little gift shop site the opportunity for people

to buy e-Gift cards. This allows you to set the amount you want to send to the gift recipient, allows you to choose the day they receive the e-gift email and allows you to send a message of your choice.

When the gift recipient receives the email they can come to our website, choose what personalised little gift they would like and add to the cart. At checkout the recipient can then add the code from the gift card, and this will deduct the amount you have chosen to gift them from the total.

Above is the email the gift recipient will receive letting them know of the gift you have sent to them with the gift card code.

To redeem a Gift card all the recipient as to do is visit our site, choose from one of our personalised gifts add it to the cart

Checkout using the orange checkout button and the next screen will show a box where the code is added to redeem a gift card. The gift recipient just adds the code in the box, and this will deduct the gifted amount from their purchase.


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